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The famous Wikipedia on the internet has an account
on “Coffee” in which it is said that among the many
coffee varieties in the world, there is a species called
“White Coffee” which had its origin in Ipoh and the first
to advertise about its ‘White coffee” was Chang Jiang
White Coffee Shop.
Chang Jiang White Coffee, the coffee brand that is imbued with legends was founded by its proprietor Mr. Kong Wing Kheong .

Mr. Kong set up a food and beverage outlet “Chang Jiang Coffee Shop” along Jalan Pasir Putih, Ipoh, in the 70’s. With some knowledge on coffee roasting and the persistence in the pursuit of his ideals in coffee, he carried out ‘trial and error’ experiments that finally created a new coffee variety – White Coffee.
Despite the numerous failures in the “trial and error” roasting process, he was able to accumulate valuable experiences and continuously make improvements which subsequently brought the popularly accepted new coffee variety which is lighter in color than the conventional one. Mr.Kong then named it “White Coffee”.
Now, Chang Jiang White Coffee has entered its second generation at the helm. Mr Kong Kin Loong has successfully taken the pioneer work to a new milestone.  He not only operated the family business in a more commercialized way, but also set up plants to produce white coffee on a large scale. Chang Jiang White Coffee has become the first white coffee supplier in the history of Ipoh that has branded white coffee in its business.
After two generations working in relays, white coffee has emerged from a ‘secondary beverage’ to the contemporary mainstream coffee.  Under the leadership of Mr. Kong Kin Loong , Chang Jiang White Coffee also obtained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Accreditation and won a number of international business grand awards.
“Chang Jiang International Sdn Bhd” not only has made “White Coffee” a local brand, but also a collective memory for many Ipohans. Meanwhile, this premium coffee has advanced to international stage earning global acclaim as “Ipoh White Coffee”.
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